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P3 News July 2022

July 2020

Hi All,

I hope you are enjoying the summer weather. I have been slowly work on my next quilt pattern, its hard to stay indoors when the weather is so nice. While I was outside today trying to get rid of the aphids on the apple tree I spotted a praying mantis it was the smallest on I have ever seen only about 2" long. My new quilt is called "Into The Woods" and for sure you will be seeing that praying mantis in the quilt.

As I am making the new quilt I will be posting some new tutorial videos on my web site, Facebook and YouTube Channel. You will be able to see sneak preview of the blocks in the quilt as I make the blocks. The new videos will tips on how I make some of the shapes that can be difficult to make, tips on working with Ultrasuede Light, tip on embroidery and basic prepping tip. In to the Woods  estimated publishing date is late Dec 2022 or Jan 2023

The Applicator bottle with brush have been out of stock from the distributor for a couple of months. I finally received them and they are back on the web site.

I just added the new new video tutorial for the Into the Wood quilt. Hope you will follow along and watch the videos. You can click on the link below to see the new video.

Have a wonderful summer.

Keep Stitching.

Into The Woods Block 2 Rocky
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applicator bottle with brush

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Keep Stitching