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July 31, 2022

July 31, 2022

Hi All,

I hope you have been enjoying the summer weather and getting some stitching time in. I have been busy working on my new quilt pattern design "Into The Woods". After teaching the Rocky block in June at my Texas retreat at Quilt Mercantile I realized the little hands on the raccoon were a bit hard for the students. I had made my block using a Batik fabric which helps when making small detailed shapes, but the students had fabric that were regular quilting fabric and it frayed quite a bit. Needles to say I spend a lot of time doing 911 finger repair. This made me go home and redraw the hands to make them a little easier but still keep the look I wanted. Always nice to find a problem and fix it before publishing the pattern. But if you have ever done one of my album style quilts you know I like small details, I can't stop making my shapes look realistic.

I just posted a new video tutorial "Rocky part 2 - "Making the Small Hands" on my web site Tutorials page, Facebook and YouTube Channel on how to turn those small fingers. Be sure to watch for more tutorial videos and get a sneak peak videos of the blocks iand  techniques I hope will help you when making this quilt. Click the link below to watch the new tutorial.

Hope you all enjoying the summer. 

Keep Stitching!

Rocky block 2 Part 2 - Making the Hands

Rocky Block 2 Part 2 - Making the Small Hands

Toil And Trouble Quilt

Toil and Trouble pattern and tree fabric

Off The Block Applique Book

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glue bottle

cool tool iron

fray block and bottle

Needle Book

Keep Stitching