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March 30, 2023

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March 30, 2023

Hi All,

Well FINALLY! I finished the new "Into the Woods" quilt pattern!

I thought I would never get this quilt finished. Bearly put the binding on the quilt in time to take it to Empty Spools workshop last week. So nice to have it hanging in my dinning room where I can look at it. I just added the P3-2600 pattern Set, P3-2600-1 pattern Set plus the Companion PDF Template Download and P3-2602 Companion Color Guide Download to the web site.

I will have Embellishments Ultrasuede pack and Sulky Embroidery Thread set up as soon all the pieces have arrive. I’ll add those to the web site as soon as have everything is here.

Hope you are all staying warn and dry, we have had so much rain and cold weather here in sunny southern California. Not complaining but Some sunshine would be nice.

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Enjoy, and Keep Stitching.

Don't forget to like or follow the progress on your favorite app to be notified when new video's are posted.

Into the Woods Quilt  

P3-2600 Into the Woods Pattern Only

Pattern Set - 13 pattern 17” x 22” folded leaflets printed on one side to make tracing easier and a large color photo. Each pattern has full size numbered drawing For hand appliqué or your favorite applique method. Pattern 13 includes the 24” x 24” center block and border repeats printed full size on 27” x 39” insert pattern page.


Finished quilt size 70” x 70”.

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Into the Woods Pattern Set and PDF Template Download  

P3-2600-1 Pattern & Companion PDF Template Download

This is the 13 pattern set Plus the Into the Woods PDF Companion Template 62 page download.

Pattern will shipped and the PDF Template download will be sent to you in email when the order is processed.

This companion download PDF contains 62 page document with the already mirror imaged separated applique shapes ready for printing on Ultimate Applique Template paper, other printable freezer paper sheets or Fusible web sheets. We know this will help you get right to work making your new quilt.

You must be able to Download, Print and Save a PDF file to use this Downloadable product.

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Into the Woods Companion PDF Color Guide  

P3-2602 Into The Woods PDF Companion Color Guide Download

To make your fabric selections easier I have put together this 28 page Fabric Color Guide & Placement Chart.

Each of the 13 blocks and the borders have their own color chart. Each color chart has a color photo of the block, a color fabric swatch for each fabric used in the block with the name and item number when I knew them. Also the numbers for each shape in the block where it was used. As in all my quilts I shop from my stash, so some of the fabrics are out of print, but the color swatch will help you when shopping for replacement fabrics.

You must be able to download and print PDF format documents.

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