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P3-349 Threader Collection


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Threader Collection

One each of my favorite needle threaders in a hand vinyl protective case.

Ultra Fine - Super fine, diamond shaped wire designed for threading Straw 11, Betweens size 12, Sharps size 11 & 12,  Milliners size 11 and Beading size 10 & 12.

All Purpose Threader with Cutter - Fine, diamond shaped wire which is ideal for threading all sizes of Sharps, Embroidery, Milliners and Betweens, except for the very fine sizes listed above.

Needlework Threader with Cutter - Rectangle wire has a large opening foe easy threading of embroidery floss, yard, pearl cotton, ribbon and specialty threads. The square end allows bulky threads to spread out as the pull through large eyed needles.