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P3-2500 Toil and Trouble Pattern only

Toil and Trouble Pattern

Toil and Trouble has to be my favorite quilt I have designed so far. Although I say that every time I design a new quilt. But I really think it is, I had so much designing and making the quilt, each block came together just as I imagined it would. The Spookey Tree is one full size template, sound scary but it was just a little awkward stitching and the finished trees made for a amazing border.

The pattern is printed in color on seven 28” x 40” page for full size drawings. Each block has 6” color photo and fabric requirement.

Finished block sizes Twelve 13” x 13 block and One 26” x 26 Center Medallion block.
Finished quilt Size 78” x 78”

Although we do not make fabric kits for my quilts these shops are kitting the quilt and the will sell fabric only kits. Click on the links below to find out more about their kitting options pricing.

Quilt Mercantile Celeste Texas 

Every effort is made to provide you with correct pattern directions.  However sometimes mistakes are made.

Please make note of these pattern corrections

Wonderfil Rayon Razzle
Color # 1140, 2142, 4146

Block #1 Witch Whoo! - 9” x 1” Wood Print for broom stick